Viscosity Index Improvers

may only be 1% of your finished lubricant but it performs a crucial role in every formulation.

about us

Innov is an innovative Singapore based company specializing in the development, production and marketing of high performance polymers for use in lubricant manufacturing.

Our unique technology and strength in developing optimized Viscosity Index Improver (VII) polymers has cemented us a leading independent global supplier

Company News

Innov Oil, a leading independent manufacturer of viscosity index improvers (VIII), has announced the completion of its 4KT plant expansion. The expansion increases the production capacity on the X Series range to support the growing global VII demand. “We have seen steady growth on the amorphous X series range of bale-form polymers as the market transitions …

Innov will be attending the ICIS World Base Oil Conference in Windsor, UK from the 26th - 28th of June, 2022. To arrange a meeting or discuss our wide range of VIIs, please reach out to or your local Innov sales represenative for more information.
Today we are pleased to announce the completion and commercialization of our new range of S Series polymers. Developed as high performing, low SSI, cost cutting alternatives to other styrenic grades available in the market.
Today we are pleased to announce the completion and commercialization of our new range of X series VII. Developed as high performing, cost cutting alternatives to other 25 SSI amorphous bale form grades in the market, the X2550 and X2570 will undoubtedly solidify Innov Oil as the leader in polymer innovation.

Production and Manufacturing Capacity


6000MT per Annum


4500MT per Annum

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1500MT per Annum

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